Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pretty DIY Patchwork Headboard

I saw an article in "all*you" magazine about a DIY Patchwork Headboard and I instantly fell in love with the idea since we didn't have a headboard yet. I liked that you could customize it with whatever colors you wanted to fit your bedroom color scheme. In the "how to" it said to use squares of florists foam, plywood, quilt batting, and fabric. 

For the one we made, the only thing we really did different is we didn't use the florist foam. We went to JoAnn fabric and picked out 6 different patterns/colors and ordered the lengths of each pattern based on how many of each squares we wanted and went from there. 

We cut our squares to be 9 in x 9 in and the headboard itself is 4 squares high and 7 squares wide, so it is a little wider than our queen size bed. We ended up getting more quilt batting and cut it in squares so that we had about 11 layers total (and it was WAY cheaper than buying all of that florist foam!) and then started wrapping the squares with the fabric and then stapling away! 

I just started laying them randomly on the floor to get a not perfect pattern. 

Once we put all of the squares down and had a "design" we liked, we flipped them over and put the sheet of plywood down and marked on the plywood where the edges of the squares would be, so that we made sure we would "catch" each square and not be screwing into nothing. We used 4 small screws for each square just to make sure they wouldn't come off. We also made a support for the back of the headboard so that it wouldn't bend or warp over time. 

And here is the after: 

Hooray for a successful DIY project!

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