Thursday, October 17, 2013

Home Office Makeover

Making over the office was something that got bumped up on the priority when I was given the opportunity to work at home (YAY!). We also decided to go back to school so we wanted to have a space specifically for homework... Our "office" somehow turned into our "don't know where to put it/catch all room" so we had to do a little re-organization in the process. Here is the after:

I love accent walls and I found this dark teal color that looked awesome but since it is a smaller room we wanted to do white furniture to brighten up the room a little bit and add some more contrast. We went to IKEA to look for storage ideas (since our house lacks storage) and ended up with a large white bookcase. 

The hubbs built a custom desk/table so that we could actually remove part of the desk and put the extra leg in to hold up the 4th corner that isn't attached to the wall. We wanted to be able to remove the part that sticks out so when we have guests we can put another bed in that area and still have room to move around. He also custom made the color to match the bookcase from IKEA because it wasn't the same white, so the desk and cube organizer (from Target) are the same white as the bookcase! 

The before: 


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Wedding Card Book

After I got married I wanted to do something cute with all of our wedding cards because I didn't just want them sitting in a box somewhere. So I went on Pinterest {of course} and searched for ideas and the one that stood out was making a book with them. 
So I broke out the scrapbooking paper, cardboard (for the covers), the hole punch, double sided tape and some ribbon and made my wedding card book!

My book is about 6 inches wide by 8 1/3 inches tall, slightly larger than the largest card. I wanted to make sure it had enough durability and the cardboard was strong enough and thick enough to keep it standing upright to be on display. The hardest part was punching all of be holes (especially the cardboard)! I actually used some left over white ribbon from the wedding!!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Custom Fish Tank Bookcase

I have always had fish for as long as I can remember and have wanted a new fish tank since we moved. However it was a little low on the "to do" list so I never got around to getting one. Until... I got one for my birthday!! It's only a 6.5 gallon one but its awesome! The only problem was we didn't have anywhere to put it and we didn't really like anything that they had in different stores. I love the look of angled bookcases, the ones that have a deeper bottom shelf and gets smaller towards the top, but every one we found wasn't wide enough for the fish tank. Good thing the hubbs is handy! I sketched out a design idea for the bookcase and he went to HD and bought all of the wood and made it happen! I love the dark wood stain that seems to be the furniture theme that is throughout our house. The contrast with the dark wood and the bamboo flooring looks great. And this is now the home of our Glo fish, photo albums and a few wedding things!