Thursday, September 12, 2013

Guest Bathroom Makeover!

When we first bought our house we knew it needed some lovin' so our first real project (after painting the rest of the house) was a complete bathroom remodel. The previous owners had a pretty bad leak in the second bathroom and didn't fix it...they literally just spray painted over the water damaged wall...

->and queue black mold<-

Good thing we live 3 miles away from Home Depot LOL, but really the while project wasn't too bad. We had to completely gut the bathroom and replace the wall that the shower was on because that was the main part that was damaged. We installed a fiberglass two-piece shower/tub surround (one piece was the tub and the other piece was the walls) and other than the awkward shape of our bathroom, it went in pretty easy. We also tore out all of the 2 inch tiles on the floor and put down this awesome floor that has a little padding to it so its not as hard as the tile was. 

This is what it looked like when we started tearing it apart: 

No more tiles!!!

And down to the concrete and exterior wall:

Since its a smaller bathroom we went with a light green color for the walls to make it feel a little bigger and more open. 

A few months after I was watching the DIY channel and saw someone that had bead board in their bathroom and *light-bulb* that's what our bathroom was missing! So one last trip to HD and we had our last piece for the bathroom! It was a little trickey getting the right cut on one of the corners (again because of the odd shape of the bathroom) but it looked so much nicer!

I really love the end product! It's definitely a good feeling when you finish a project and can say "we did this" and it actually looks really good!!! 

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