Thursday, September 19, 2013

Opening Up The Kitchen

One of the things we loved about our house was how open it was. Between the room layout and the high ceilings it was awesome. 

Except the kitchen. 

That tiny opening that shut out the kitchen from the rest of the house :( 
Let's face it - everyone always ends up in the kitchen, so why have that completely closed off?? The window opening just above the sink was about 4 feet wide and 4 feet high and had cabinets above the sink...they were so low they covered some of the opening and if you were over 5 foot 8 you would hit your head on the cabinet if you were leaning...sounds like a good design feature... not... 

So one day I decided to take down the cabinets that were on the wall and above the sink and already it was better. (We didn't really use those cabinets anyway so we weren't really missing anything when they were gone.)

Next step: cutting through the drywall to see what inside the wall looked like. 

And then removing the 2x4's that were in the wall...

Luckily, my father-in-law is an electrician so he moved all of the wiring and light switches all into one area so that we could open up the wall as much as possible. He also added more outlets to that part of the counter!

He installed new can lighting in the area above the counter so you could see what you are doing now. The end result of just opening up that wall made so much difference! More to come when we remodel the rest of the kitchen!

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