Thursday, August 29, 2013

Packing Up and Moving!

Recently when I was cleaning out my email, I came across the "pros and cons" list that we made when we were thinking of moving down to Florida. Deciding to move was an interesting experience for me because I had never lived anywhere but home. It's not like we were just moving a few towns over and could just swing back home to see friends and family anytime we wanted to. 

   Nope we were moving 1,100 miles away...

Sooo once we decided we were moving, we set our journey date to Valentine's Day, and then had an awesome going away party with our family and friends. We left my house at 10 pm, went to Justin's house to finish packing his car and left his house at midnight, and we were in the town we were moving to at 10 pm the next night! We drove straight through only stopping really for food, coffee and bathrooms, oh and 2 half-hour naps. Our cars were so crammed with our stuff Justin couldn't really see out his rear I drove behind him and was his rear view mirror. It was so exciting having both our cars PACKED with our belongings - starting this new adventure {together}. And then two months after we moved we bought our house and started making it our home. 

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